Make money with Clickbank and Google Sniper? A review

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Hi, this is Bo again on how to make  money with Clickbank and my experiences with the google Sniper.

Last time I mentioned some techniques of the succesful Clickbankers, like George Brown or Brent Oxley (Google X Affiliate) and particularly the preselling method to make money.

Now, what is preselling? Preselling in my view is the only way to suceed in affiliate marketing today. See the pic out of George Brown´s Google Sniper manual:

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Make money with Clickbank and Google Sniper methods - preselling

Preselling nowadays has become an art of making money with Clickbank. George has perfected this art and put it into action. Google Sniper utilizes automation by creating websites that make affiliate sales on autopilot. Websites are created on WordPress platforms and rank very well in Search Engines such as Google, due to the excellent on-page SEO of WordPress Blogs. George also reveals his keyword research method and how he chooses the right Clickbank product to market. Google Sniper 2.0 is the new and even better version, you will get training videos, a workbook and more access by George Brown himself.

So can I make money with Clickbank by the google sniper methods?

Yes, but you need to think outside of Clickbank. As I stated before, every Clickbank newbie wants to make money with affiliate marketing and it needs some creative steps. With the google sniper you will be lead the necessary creative steps. However some points depicted could be emphasized a little more, so I´m going to give you a few materials, which will solve diverse problems. Look further down.

Can I really generate some income on Clickbank or is it another scam?

Let’s face it, we’ve all been scammed before at one time or another. Somebody promises you the “secret” to make money online and with Clickbank as the leading business, but you always just end up spending money instead of making money.

When I first saw Google Sniper 2.0 at it´s launch, I was rather sceptical and thought to myself, “$1.579 a day. Yeah, suuure!” But as I am the “Give-it-a-try-guy” I got myself a copy and I can say, it´s the only working method  for making money with Clickbank – at least that I know of. I run a couple of Sniper sites to, do a bit reviewing and it works pretty well.

If you want to know how to make money with Clickbank, you should give this a try.

Get your copy here and claim your Make Money BonusMake money with Clickbank 2 - Google Sniper

What are the Pros?

- As I just said, it works, in fact it is the only way you will be making money these days.

- With google sniper you have everythin you need to know.

- Anyone can do it. All you need is some discipline and a working computer to start out.

- It is straightforward. The training manual is easy to follow!

- You get a load of bonusses

- What I like best: George Brown is honest and a friendly guy, trustworthy. This is something very seldom to find in the affiliate marketing era. No faked Clickbank accounts, no scam here.

- Customer support is included, also lifetime updates and extra videos to help ‘Snipers’.

What are the Cons?

- This is not the FAST MAKING MONEY METHOD. You need to spend time creating websites. Although this is autopilot income, this´ll afford some time and effort.

- Knowledge of WordPress is needed. That´s why I´m giving out some wordpress help FREE together with your order of google sniper2.0.

- Keywordresearch is a critical point here. You need to know what you´re doing, that´s why you´ll receive some unique tools and reports on finding profitable and low competion keywords at a flash with your order for FREE.

Summing it up

You will be reading lots of testimonials about the google sniper2.0 and you will understand how powerful this system can be to help you make money with for example Clickbank. George really over delivers in this product and it is a great starting point for all “future Snipers”.

What will be missed by the google sniper, I will compensate by my bonus package.

What is included in the Bouns Package?

 BonuMake money LSI Keywordss #1: LSI keywords are the key for No1 rankings with google. By this report, you’ll be able to dig deep into google’s brain, and find out for yourself what really makes google tick when it visits your sniper site. If You’re Nowhere To Be Seen On Google, you´ll Simplify your keyword research! These are only the quick and easy keyword research strategies! make NO MONEY AT ALL, so this report definitely is vital for you.

Valued at $39 FREE BONUS!



Clone WP Blogs - pluginBonus #2: This is a no-brainer: With the sniper method you build a one-keyword-niche-website, that makes money. But you need an army of them!  No problem with this video course, this is for anyone wanting to clone WordPress installs and back them up + 5 Blog Themes ready to WARNING! This might be dangerous! This combines Google Sniper with Sniper Listbuilding techniques to maximize your profits. The money is in the list. Even more effective by combination. 

Valued at $129 FREE BONUS!


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Keyword Research DemystifiedBonus #3: Simplify your keyword research! These are only the quick and easy keyword research strategies!

Valued at $49 FREE BONUS! 






Rogue Clickbank PluginBonus #4: You´ve got your Sniper site finished, SEO-optimized and everything nicely figured out. But imagine this: No one ever clicks your affiliate links! (Shocking truth, happens more often than you think).

This plugin literally FORCES visitors to buy through YOUR Clickbank affiliate link – automatically (setup like any other plugin with wordpress and running in the background). This is insane and will give you an INSTANT advantage over every other Clickbank Review Blog and Sniper site.


Valued $37 FREE BONUS!


Make money with the Sniper Listbuilding MethodBonus #5: WARNING! This might be dangerous! You will combine Google Sniper with Sniper Listbuilding techniques to maximize your profits. The money is in the list. Even more effective by combination. 5 ebooks


Valued at $97 FREE BONUS!



WPCovertLinkzBonus #6: People shy away from affiliate links. This plugin solves this very problem by creating links that appear to be internal to your domain, thus iIncreasing click through rates. No more stealing of commissions!

Valued at $47 FREE BONUS!




10 PresellBlogThemesBonus #7: For you to start making money right away: 10 readymade Review Blog Themes including presell articles and Privacy Policy page, recommended by George Brown. No work to do for you at all!


Valued at $27 FREE BONUS!






BacklinkSuperChargerBonus #8: Fact is: You WILL need Backlinking in order not to fall short for your competition. But backlinks are not simply backlinks: You can create thousands of them, but did you know they are completely useless, if they are not indexed in google: This Script generates backlinks TO your backlinks!

Mass Ping Up to 1000 URLs at once

Create RSS feeds of your backlinks

Domain Indexer

Valued $17 FREE BONUS!

How do I get these bonus products?

Let me be honest with you: Obviously I get a commission for the google sniper, other than most marketers I don´t feel to hide about this. But as I
want you to succeed with your online business, I’d give you all for FREE when you buy Google Sniper through me.

You will get this 8-part-package valued
$442 and Google Sniper + Google Sniper Bonuses!

Yes, that´s right, products $442, that add great value to the google sniper for free, you won´t get any better than this.

What do I do now?


First clear your cookies in your browser. This is important, otherwise, you can´t receive your bonus.

If you don´t know how to clear your browser, here is an instruction how you do this, go here.

Secondly click the link to get your hands on the google sniper:

Get The Google Sniper2.0 and Bonus

Third claim your bonus by sending an email with your name and receipt number by contacting me here

webmarkettools [@]

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you!  Goodbye

 Proof that Google Sniper 2.0 works

Get The Google Sniper2.0 and Bonus

Thank you also for reading my blog on how to make money with Clickbank!


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